Life Magazine October 19, 1962 – California


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Life Magazine Cover : Cascade of fire lights Yosemite at dusk – setting sun catching the waterfall.

  • Special issue : The call of California, its splendor, its excitement.
    • Why people go, go and go there : a vivid biography of California by Irving Stone.
    • Legacies of an Adventurous past.
    • Stars, styles and sunshine.
    • Life guide to California wines
    • … AND many other California pieces, pages and pages of color photos.
  • Nice two page Volkswagen Bug car ad, new Beetle only $1595 but old one has almost the same value.
  • Photo of Dick Kazmaier and family on the beach.
  • Photo of 21 people who moved to California via Route 66, Jake Small of Bloomington, Indiana, Kazmaier family from Malvern, Pennsylvania, Terry and Deidre Altizer from Peoria, Illinois, University of Louisville graduates Micki Moran, Geri Gottbrath, Marlynn Cullen, more.
  • Great two page color Ford trucks ad with lots of different trucks.
  • Funny photo of Carl Reiner, comic star and writer.
  • Artist Billy Al Bengston with his motorcycles.
  • Neat photo of Laurie Hoover of Pasadena demonstrating a surfing maneuver.
  • Full page color Green giant ad for the 4-foot Jolly Green Giant Rag Doll.
  • Full page color TANG ad.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 19, 1962!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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