Life Magazine October 18, 1954 – Political Campaign


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Life Magazine Cover : Tacoma Congressional Campaign.

  • Another full page color Community silverplate ad with art by Jon Whitcomb, his newer style.
  • French spelunkers near Grenoble descend to 2,963 ft – Pierre St. Martin cave.
  • Golf’s Greatest Putt by Bobby Jones – 12 foot putt at Winged Foot Golf Club.
  • Full page B&W Ethyl gasoline ad with art by B. Dolwick.
  • Profile – Melvin Belli by Robert Wallace.
  • Full page color Franco-American Macaroni and cheese ad with it served as an elegant meal.
  • US Woodcut art revival by Frasconi.
  • St. Louis Zoo’s gorilla – Phil.
  • US Brewers Foundation ad with art by Haddon Sundblom.
  • Movie review – Beau Brummell – early fashion with Stewart Granger.
  • Full page Ethyl gasoline ad with race car theme, art by B. Dolwick.
  • Spearfishing contest in Key West – Tritons win.
  • Why the Republican are running scared by Ernest Havemann.
  • Low price copies of Paris fashions, Dior.
  • Feature on lawyer Melvin Belli.
  • Full page color Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ad with cereal box art by Norman Rockwell.
  • Feature on retarded children.
  • Full page Cracker Jack ad with kids at Halloween.
  • The 5th Army division returns to Schofield barracks outside Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • The short happy marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.
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