Life Magazine October 18, 1948 – New Furs


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Life Magazine Cover : Fur Jacket – Barbara Wood.

  • LOVELY full page color Forstmann woolens ad with lady in the most gorgeous brown and black long coat.
  • Cartoonist makes dreams his idea – Sam Cobean.
  • Elegant full page color Yardley fragrance ad with art by W. K. Plummer.
  • Ross Rizley campaigns for US Senate.
  • Full page color Eveready battery ad with bird art by Baumgartner.
  • Bad call by umpire makes 1948 World Series more interesting, baseball, Cleveland Indians, Boston Braves.
  • Half page Jockey underwear ad with ski theme.
  • Karl Marx biography by Hubert Kay.
  • Queen Wilhemina of Holland.
  • Budweiser ad with Christmas theme by Walter Richards.
  • Great football photo – Holy Cross linemen Tom Kelleher and Bill Stettner, in game with Georgetown, Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Aerial photos of forest fire threatening Zim, Minnesota.
  • Family portraits through time show changing family – great painted reproductions.
  • Lena Horne in Do I Love You.
  • The Three Chicago Bears, Bobby Layne, Johnny Lujack and Sid Luckman, football.
  • Modern Houses Livability – designed by Walker Art Center – Rockwell Stensrud.
  • Vienna’s Daun-Kinsky palace – photos by Dmitri Kessel.
  • Sir Laurence Olivier’s acting career by John Kobler.
  • Full color ad by Fritz Willis with very revealing girl in blowing skirt.
  • Happy Hermit of Cabbage Key – Silas Dent.
  • Orphan kangaroos live in burlap sack.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine October 18, 1948!
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