Life Magazine October 16, 1950 – US Schools


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Life Magazine Cover : Rue Lawrence, Winnetka High School girl.

  • Special Issue : US Schools in Crisis, includes the Roper survey (what people think about schools) with photos of Mrs. Merrill Brininstool, Katherine Morris, Thomas Flynn.
  • Full page color Maxwell House ad with art by Hughes.
  • West Memphis school neglects its negro children.
  • College football teams are expensive – Marshall Smith and Richard Oulahan – Rice Institute and Army football team.
  • New Schools – Blythe Park School.
  • Way cool full page color Niblets Mexicorn ad with Jolly Green Giant dressed in Mexican theme.
  • Canon Bell critiques our school system by Bernard Iddings Bell.
  • New Trier high school fashion (Northfield, Illinois) – Carol Frederickson, Thomas McNeill, Nancy Weber, Catherine Biederer, William Chamberlain, Dian Thomas.
  • Great Teachers – Thomas Proctor, Frank Baxter, William McGovern, Robert Sharp, Walter Agard.
  • Live-in public school – Crane School in Oregon.
  • Oldest Schoolhouse – 1696 on Staten Island.
  • Girls in College – how to teach them – Suzanne Frenzel.
  • Who teaches the teachers by John William Sperry.
  • Gulf Park girls school – learn to be feminine – Charles Pickney Hogarth.
  • Parents groups go to work by Albert Furth.
  • TWA ad with art by Lawson.
  • The educated man by Jacques Barzun.
  • Williams men reunite at “Tubs” – see original story in LIFE June 7, 1937, with Kelso Davis, Phil Stearns, Max Berking, Dick and Pud Ely, Jack MacGruer.
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