Life Magazine October 14, 1966 – Football


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Life Magazine Cover : Fold-out cover – Very muddy picture of Green Bay Packer’s Jim Taylor being wrestled to a halt by Cleveland Browns Vince Costello.

  • Controlled violence of the Football Pros – color feature.
  • Full page color Armour Franks ad offers free “tweet” for Halloween, child in witch costume blows whistle included in packages.
  • Ian Fleming, Part 2 – James Bond is born.
  • Ronald Reagan vs. Pat Brown in California’s race for governor.
  • War over “Goose-use” at Wisconsin game preserve – Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Piet Hein – Denmark’s scientist-poet.
  • Chemical code of the growth hormone.
  • Vietcong mortar shell inside a living soldier – this is a photo you will wish you could UN-see.
  • 400 pound Jocelyn Lagarde makes film debut as Malama in Michener’s “Hawaii.”
  • Triple rediscovery of Rubens.
  • Chevy vs. Ford.
  • Georgia congressman Charles Weltner quits his campaign rather than support a racist.
  • Joyce Hoffman is again world’s champion girl surfer, article includes tandem surfing champions Preston (Pete) Peterson and Barrie Algaw, others.
  • David McCallum, the “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” promotes US Savings Bonds in half page ad.
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