Life Magazine November 8, 1963 – Bobby Baker


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Life Magazine Cover : Bobby Baker at Washington masquerade party.

  • Bobby Baker bombshell – capital buzzes over stories of misconduct in high places.
  • Two page Kleenex tissues ad, with stills from TV commercial featuring trumpeter Harry James and singer Peggy Taylor.
  • Two page color ad for Chrysler Corporation warranty shows car parts painted in orange, sky blue, and olive green.
  • Morocco and Algeria fight.
  • Sir Alec Douglas-Home renounces his title of Lord Home and seeks a seat in Britain’s House of Commons.
  • Grand Jury investigates wild party that wrecked Southampton mansion, Fernanda Wetherill (See also September 20, 1963).
  • Giants bounce back after LIFE magazine article about the Browns, football.
  • School prayer continues as North Brookfield, Massachusetts ignores the Supreme Court.
  • Fashions for bowling, skirts, tights, and knickers, of course.
  • Human body series, part 5 – chemical balances, illustrations by Arthur Lidov.
  • New retirement towns, photo essay by Bill Ray, great photos of seniors in chorus line and riding bicycles (trikes), Harper Perry, Mary and Michael Hutchinson, Mary Plaskett, Jessie Sullivan, Ingrid Gunderson, Louise Rich, Dorrie Walthery, Mary Riley, Adele White, Genevieve Daugherty, Henry McKinley, and others.
  • Hunting Grizzlies with bow and arrow.
  • Biggest radio telescope, Puerto Rico.
  • Jill St. John, actress with a 160 IQ.
  • Football playing brothers Gogolak.
  • Full page color Budweiser ad of three guys examining a pool shot.
  • Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with rock climbing in Cheyenne Canyon, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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