Life Magazine November 7, 1960 – Earth


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Life Magazine Cover : The earth and its magnetic field.

  • Puerto Rico – the pulpit enters politics.
  • Two page color Northern tissue ad show all three of the illustrations of the “All-American Boys” from the packaging.
  • Many foldout maps of land surface beneath oceans.
  • Pictorial essay – Part 1 of a new series, New Portrait of our Planet, Great discoveries of the International Geophysical Year (IGY), structure of a not-so-solid earth.
  • Photo essay – High school football fever, includes Linda Midyett and Carol Albers of Lawrence, Kansas, Chuck Bowen, Janice Salisbury, Bob Kimball, Cindy Thompson, Judy Grigg and others.
  • US voter has moral responsibilities by Billy Graham (Yes, people, get out to vote and chose wisely!).
  • Two page Polaroid Land Camera, black and white image in 10 seconds.
  • Martyr of the sit-ins, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Julie Newmar, actress, dancing poolside with college boys.
  • Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum in the “Sundowners.”
  • Champ rodeo horse Baby Doll comes to end of the trail, Willard Combs, Checotah, Oklahoma.
  • Paris copies of fashions for little girls.
  • Photo of Gloria Swanson in black gown and red boa standing amidst the wreckage of the Roxy Theatre, in the process of being torn down.
  • Funny series of photos of a huge shaggy dog, Ch. Fezziwig Ceiling Zero with little friends Diane Shrank and Rikki Van Rensselaer, Old English Sheepdog, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.
  • Poet Saint-John Perse is the Nobel Prize winner in literature.
  • 83-year-old woman left forgotten in New York city jail for 3 1/2 years is finally released, Hattie Hollowell.
  • Funny photo of George S. Wood of Lima, Ohio yawning while playing the violin.
  • Nice full page color Studebaker 1961 Lark ad with grey car.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 7, 1960!
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