Life Magazine November 6, 1939 – British planes


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Cover : British planes in the air.

  • Quarter page “How to drink Guinness” ad.
  • Full page Steinway piano ad with illustration of child at the sea shore.
  • Two great photos of the constellation Cygnus and the Andromeda nebula from Cook Observatory.
  • Two page Chris-Craft ad with the new sport boats for 1940.
  • Earl Browder goes to jail as Dies committee hunts Reds.
  • Alexander Brook wins Carnegie prize for painting.
  • Hitler’s girl Evi Braun takes his picture.
  • Londoners stage mock air raid.
  • How the German liner “Bremen” escaped British fleet.
  • Turkey bestrides the Dardanelles, great hand drawn map of the region.
  • Movie of the week, “Babes in Arms” with Mickey Rooney.
  • Full page color A&P coffee ad with illustration of women watching man grind coffee at the store.
  • Red for fall accessories (graphic designers might be amused, this is a black-and-white photo feature, but the hats and handbags are all underprinted a flat red, obviously done by old cut rubylith film method.)
  • War ties two biggest liners up in New York, beautiful color photo of the Normandie, Queen Mary, and Aquitania together in the North River.
  • Full page color SPAM ad followed by three page “A hog goes to Hormel and to fame” advertising story, includes Hormel employees Roy Manley, Ronald Erickson, Clarence Arens, Lyall Kezar, Darwin Howe.
  • Panama canal – fourteen-plus page photo essay.
  • Autumn on Indiana farm, Earl Bailey family.
  • Full page color Nestle’s Cocoa ad.
  • Artist and eccentric Louis Eilshemius.
  • X-ray looks in woman’s handbag.
  • Tennessee vs. Alabama football game, George Carfego.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine November 6, 1939!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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