Life Magazine November 29, 1963 – JFK Assassination


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Life Magazine Cover : President John F. Kennedy – OR – Roger Staubach.

This issue was published with two different covers : Football player Roger Staubach or Assassinated President Kennedy. (The Staubach cover version was not distributed and is not really available except in your dreams) 🙂

  • 1917-1963. Assassination of J.F.K.
  • Later assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.
  • Family photos of Kennedys at Hyannis Port.
  • Tarzan’s paperback comeback.
  • Full page color Chemstrand Nylon ad, “nothing but nylon makes you feel so female.” Uh huh.
  • Fire fighters’ tepee – portable emergency shelter for wildland firefighters.
  • Cute full page color Campbell’s soup add, three small children in yellow slickers and a puppy playing in a puddle.
  • Record Stamp price, Mauritius Island mistakes make “cover” worth $78,400, 2 cent Hawaiian “Missionary” stamp worth $41,000.
  • Anthony Newley, British actor delights US, wife is Joan Collins.
  • Carleen Maley Hutchins of Montclair, New Jersey builds modern string instruments in her home.
  • 1913, Part II, the age of innovation.
  • Lyndon Johnson – 36th president.
  • Negros in the North, Part 2.
  • Full page color Maidenform bra ad with blonde woman on a scaffolding painting the town red.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 29, 1963!
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