Life Magazine November 2, 1959 – Jackie Gleason


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Life Magazine Cover : Jackie Gleason on Broadway.

  • Folklore of America Part 2 – Tales the Indians told, illustrated by James Lewicki.
  • Curious full page Warner’s “Tomorrow” bra ad with cups that fit each side individually, quite the spacey shape, too.
  • A very interesting set of photos of Teddy Roosevelt throughout his life, he looked like quite a bruiser as a boxer.
  • Why medical care costs so much.
  • Taut drama behind a football classic between Notre Dame and Northwestern.
  • Leaflets, gunfire and hysteria, fed by Castro, strike ominous note for Cuba’s future.
  • Newbury, Vermont murder of Orville A. Gibson, dairy farmer – crime occurred in 1957, still unsolved.
  • Yellowstone’s new look – earthquake has turned the park’s pools and geysers topsy-turvy, this story is related to the story in LIFE August 31, 1959.
  • Four great color pages of Rambler car ads.
  • Algeria’s siege of anguish, Moslems murdered by rebels.
  • $100,000 COLOR debut for Sir Laurence Olivier on T.V.
  • Cheerleaders at UCLA and Michigan State jump for football joy, includes Pauline Hess, Sue Beekman, Marge Rohs, Linda Hopkins, Maurice Spencer.
  • Wright’s spiral museum.
  • Miss America Lynda Lee Mead visiting her Chi Omega sisters in Mississippi.
  • You and your doctor, part 4 – Rising medical costs.
  • Full page color Pontiac car ad with 1960 Bonneville Sports Coupe and ski area theme.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 2, 1959!
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