Life Magazine November 19, 1945 – Big Belts


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Life Magazine Cover : Big Belts, Rita Daigle.

  • Cool full page color Mercury ad with maroon car in unusual position.
  • Very nice full page Hoover vacuum cleaner ad.
  • The 36-hour war, this is about the military trying to drum up more money for military preparedness for the next war.
  • Industry and Labor confer to avoid industrial strife.
  • Half page Munsingwear ad featuring expert skier James Casear, same page has a small ad for Flexible Flyer Splitkein skis.
  • Big editorial on China, what to do about our wartime friends now that the war is over?
  • Americans on Bali see famous dancer, Pollok, wife of Adrian Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, unashamedly bare breasts.
  • British brides want to join GI husbands.
  • OSS by John Chamberlain, Office of Strategic Services.
  • Photo essay – the new Poland.
  • Adele Astaire comes home.
  • Episcopal orders.
  • Long-Tailed salamanders.
  • Big bags and belts.
  • Microwaves – science.
  • Color photograph of the first atomic bomb.
  • Army football team is country’s best.
  • Peggy Cummins.
  • “Sugar Chile” Robinson – very young piano player, boogie woogie.
  • Life goes to a debut, San Francisco.
  • Nice full page color Keepsake diamond engagement / wedding rings ad.
  • Very nice full page color Pennsylvania railroad ad with military people coming home.
  • NICE full page color Pontiac ad.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 19, 1945!
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