Life Magazine November 18, 1957 – Space


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Life Magazine Cover : Werner Von Braun, top U.S. Space Expert, and Moon Rocket model.

  • Sputnik II in the air, dogstronaut Laika, dog in space.
  • Hefty pros get heftier, color and B&W photos of National Football League big boys in action, can you say George Blanda and Johnny Unitas.
  • Destination outer space, the space race gets going.
  • Cute (but not politically correct) full page color Canada Dry ad with small boy in cowboy duds, group of 3 Native Americans roped behind him.
  • 40th anniversary of Bolshevism.
  • Photo essay – The seer of space.
  • Modern prophet of Israel : Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.
  • Brigitte Bardot in “And God Created Woman.”
  • New Hillsdale High in San Mateo has skylights but no windows.
  • Making children’s records.
  • Israel’s Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, illustrations by David Fredenthal.
  • A moment in history : President Eisenhower speaks and everyone listens.
  • Caterpillar with 10/10 vision.
  • Color two page Ford Motor Company ad showing their new cars for 1958.
  • Two page Buick color ad for their air-borne red B-58 automobile.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 18, 1957!
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