Life Magazine November 18, 1940 – FDR



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Life Magazine Cover : The winner, FDR, Roosevelt.

  • One of those charming full page Ipana Tooth Paste ads, this one with young Jack Carter.
  • Unusual full page color Owens-Illinois Glass ad, “Here’s to Long Life and Smooth Lips” says Duraglas.
  • Full page New White Owl cigars ad with circus theme and Fred Bradna.
  • Raymond Clapper analyzes national unity.
  • Wendell Willkie remains a potent leader.
  • Republican party’s future.
  • Washington state Tacoma Narrows bridge crashes in Puget sound, yup – this is the famous event you’ve all seen in re-run.
  • Italian bombers menace art of ancient Athens.
  • Close-up : William Saroyan.
  • Photo essay – Churchill, England.
  • Deaf-Blind children learn to “See and Hear”, Helen Siefert and others.
  • Nice half page Cream of Wheat ad with Li’l Abner cartoon by Al Capp.
  • Johnson rifle stirs up military squabble, semi-automatic, 30 caliber.
  • All American fashions.
  • New York stores start fad for Navy styles.
  • Ducks and geese thrive and increase.
  • Radium.
  • Movie – Arizona.
  • Table-top photos by Nina Leen.
  • Lifeguards’ party aboard the Sea Hawk near Santa Monica, with photos of Reggie Parton, Ruth Strod, Monica Roach, George Watkins, and others, includes surfing.
  • Interesting jewelry and fashion accessories depicting US Navy themes.
  • Full page color Canadian club whiskey ad with surfing in Hawaii.
  • Full page color Forstmann woollen fabrics ad with art by Carl Erickson, Carl Oscar August Erickson, signed Eric.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this Life Magazine November 18, 1940!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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