Life Magazine November 16, 1959 – Jeweled Chokers


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Life Magazine Cover : Ruby, pearl and diamond choker on a auburn haired model.

  • Lovely full page color Kraft Peach preserves ad.
  • Full page color Pure-pak cartons ad with milk man delivering milk, these look like today’s regular cardboard half gallons.
  • Two page color Simmons Beautyrest mattress ad for adjust-a-bed, includes list of dealers.
  • TV Quiz scandals – how to rig contestants, see related pieces on Charles Van Doren earlier in 1959.
  • Baby’s first moments – Steven Woods, son of Ruth and George Woods of Centereach, New York.
  • Abstract Expressionists, Part 2 – Willem De Kooning, Clyfford Still, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline.
  • Jeweled Chokers make a comeback from Richelieu.
  • Homecoming is the biggest college weekend all over the country, this football feature includes University of Iowa Highland Fling, Leonard and Larry Osterink, James Larson and wife, Karen Alfonso, Ann Ferran, Nancy Wakefield, Mrs. Esther McCleery, more.
  • Judge Joseph Force Crater mystery.
  • Interesting full page color Newport cigarettes ad with curious two person boat that might be a foot-paddle catamaran.
  • A feature on Mother Elizabeth Seton, Roman Catholic nun, Sisters of Charity.
  • Joanna Barnes is the new Jane for Tarzan.
  • Scared Finn emerges from 38 years of hiding – Vaino Johannes Kilpinen of Vehmainen.
  • Mike McKeever of USC football.
  • Party at a shipwreck near Bimini, this looks like the oil tanker hulk in “Water World,” – it is the Sapona, Alec Woodhull, Ralph Jarrendt, Peggy Nolin, others.
  • The Roaring 20’s Crystal Room nightclub in Los Angeles.
  • Ben-Hur.
  • Speedy photo of Doyle Towers of Hillsdale, Michigan with his dog riding on car runningboard, Tippy.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine November 16, 1959!
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