Life Magazine November 15, 1937 – Assistant engineer Hamilton, Navy


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Cover : Assistant engineer Hamilton on U.S. Lightship Portland.

  • Yorktown aircraft carrier, a big ship.
  • Ships and planes swell navy’s budget, neat photos of first “Flying Dreadnaught”, a huge Sikorsky bomber plane.
  • National Horse Show and Excelsior Springs Mulesta mule show.
  • Twentieth Century Fox drama school, including Mary Frances Gifford, Marjorie Weaver, Dixie Dunbar, Arlene Whalen and others.
  • Artist Paul Sample.
  • Bedauxes host the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.
  • Josef Hofmann, Pianist.
  • Society girls show legs.
  • Joe Louis at Dude ranch, Murray’s Overall Dude Ranch, restricted to Negroes.
  • Old cars seen on screen.
  • Sculptor Jacob Epstein.
  • American housing, with George Bradford family in Washington and Greenbelt.
  • Rich Mrs. Bates lives in squalid basement on relief in New York City.
  • Midland Michigan leads the way in private housing.
  • Field hockey – Rosemary vs. Low-Heywood.
  • Endless rails (welded) end track noise.
  • Full page Bell & Howell movie camera ad with little girl on sled.
  • Lovely full page color Toastmaster Toaster ad with Christmas theme.
  • University of Southern California shows Cheering section pictures in stadium.
  • Nice full page Bell Telephone and Western Electric ad showing repair man.
  • Movie “It’s Love I’m After” with Leslie Howard and Bette Davis.
  • Toy “China Clipper” airplane for Christmas.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine November 15, 1937!
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