Life Magazine November 10, 1961 – Khruschchev


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Life Magazine Cover : Nikita Khrushchev.

  • Communism, Part 3 – how we can fight back.
    • Reds step up the pace.
    • In Moscow, a plot unfolds and a despot emerges.
    • Nuclear fallout worries.
  • Full page color Heublein Cocktails ad with Orson Bean.
  • Thurber memories.
  • Cancer, new cures coming.
  • In color – Ethel Kennedy and her children.
  • Evening extravaganzas, fashion on the West coast with Oriental influence.
  • Funny exchange of photos between Bing Crosby and Bob Hope dressed as astronauts, and astronauts Shepard and Grissom dressed as song-and-dance men.
  • Aviation, craziest kite in the sky, looks like a fold-able ultralight by Ryan Aeronautical.
  • Dr. Paul Dudley White of Boston on his hobbyhorse, a precursor of the pedal bike, photos of other historic bicycles including Rebecca Russell on a big-wheeler and Oliver and Stephen Parry on a “companion” bike with side-by-side seats and steering.
  • Full page Sunbeam Shavemaster ad with “test” taken by man on the street, Byron C. Ostby in Madison Wisconsin.
  • Teddy’s grandson Kermit Roosevelt takes a Sentimental Safari back to the places in Africa that T.R. loved, 7 pages of “then and now” photos.
  • Violent end for Tristan da Cunha, island with new volcano, islanders forced to evacuate.
  • Sweet full page color Northern Tissue ad with blue-eyed brunette little girl illustration.
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