Life Magazine May 8, 1964 – Candidate Choices


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Life Magazine Cover : Johnson political buttons with various vice-presidential candidates – who will button up the bottom half of the ticket?

  • Loudon Wainwright writes about Alabama’s Governor George Wallace and the campaign to block civil rights legislation.
  • Full page color ad for chemical HTH to add to your swimming pool, from Olin company.
  • President LBJ hoists his beagles by the ears and there’s a barking outcry.
  • Bitter Israeli – Arab flare-up at the World’s fair.
  • The sad, banged-up Dodgers, baseball player injuries, coach with heart attack, owner with a hernia.
  • US and German scientists create insulin in first successful synthesis of a protein.
  • Vandalism of the Little Mermaid sculpture in Denmark.
  • The Dee sister triplets show off a haircut and some fashions.
  • World War one, WWI – part 4, campaigns called the unknown war.
  • First captive panda born in Peking zoo.
  • In Praise of Trout, fly fishing, by Paul O’Neil.
  • Kennedy memorial stamp chosen.
  • Elaine de Kooning’s many sketches and paintings of JFK for portrait commission.
  • Hilarious hypnotist Pat Collins.
  • Full color Nestle’s Keen soft drink ad, bright colors, cartoon style, five flavors.
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