Life Magazine May 7, 1956 – Sun Bathing


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Life Magazine Cover : Sunbather’s lazy Suzan for an Ingenious house.

  • Multi-exposure sketch shows a brilliant attorney in action – trial of OSS Lieutenant Aldo L. Icardi with artist Mitchell Jamieson and attorney Edward Bennett Williams.
  • Full page two color Packard ad with the Caribbean Convertible and Clipper Hardtop.
  • John Gilbert Graham guilty of blowing up airplane and killing 44 including his wife (LIFE November 28, 1955).
  • Nine Russian sailors ask for asylum and five are kidnapped by the Russians and returned to Russia.
  • Full color Baker’s Instant chocolate milk ad.
  • Construction of Colorado’s Royal Gorge Bridge – world’s highest suspension bridge.
  • Quiz kid Leonard Ross wins $70,000 on the big surprise.
  • Jacqueline Cochran campaigns for California congressional primary in her own airplane, she ran in the Primary on both Republican and Democratic tickets..
  • Robert McCulloch builds a weekend retreat in Palm Springs – a push button paradise.
  • German Shepherds guard Landstuhl Air Field in Germany.
  • Arizona prisoners test sun tanning chemicals.
  • Two page full color Post Cereals ad with sleeping and dreaming children.
  • 109 pound Johnny Coulon defies all attempts by big men to lift him.
  • Pride of Dresden seen anew – art collected by Saxony Dukes is restored to a museum – great painting photographs.
  • Turkey’s Ataturk is a US friend by Clarence B. Randall.
  • Full page color Scott-Atwater boat motors ad with lots of great boating photos.
  • MIT emphasizes better training, not more graduates, photos by Gjon Mili – Charles Kruger, William H. Orttung, Judith Gorenstein, Pesi N. Dastur, Ronald J Massa.
  • Full page color Old Crow ad featuring Mark Twain’s home with Bret Harte.
  • MITs bold plan to get more scientists, by James R. Killian Jr.
  • Bert Lahr is Waiting for Godot.
  • John Wayne in “The Conqueror,” movie review.
  • The Wretched lot of the poor foot by Richard Carter.
  • Full page color Borg-Warner transmission ad with quiet mouse.
  • Full page color Modess ad with beautiful woman illustration.
  • Photo – boat in a pool.
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