Life Magazine May 3, 1963 – Alexander The Great


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Life Magazine Cover : Sculptured head of Alexander the Great Conqueror.

  • Greece, part 6. Photo essay follows path of Alexander the Great through Afghanistan, Kandahar, Hindu Kush, Bactria by James Burke.
  • Irving Berlin’s 75th birthday, salute by Tom Prideaux.
  • Mrs. Margaretta Fitler Murphy divorces husband and is paired with Nelson Rockefeller (see LIFE May 17, 1963).
  • Amazing photos of pilots in Indiana averting a midair collision.
  • Inside back cover full page Old Crow whiskey ad with illustration of John James Audubon showing his sketches to Daniel Webster by C. Jones.
  • Princess Grace comes home for a visit.
  • Students mourn death of Whitney Griswold, Yale president.
  • Carol Lynley moves into adult roles.
  • Sheik Shakbut, ruler of Abu Dhabi, is world’s richest man.
  • Boston Marathon, Ethiopians in the lead, but Belgium’s Aurele Vandendriessche wins and Francis Port, Jr. is dead last.
  • Chaotic mismanagement in red China.
  • Genealogy is jumping, it’s the season for ancestor hunting, Carol Ronnow of Salt Lake City finds relatives in Denmark.
  • Dog’s harrowing hairdo.
  • Two page Tupperware ad with photos of top 27 distributorship teams for first quarter of 196, the Spotlight Club.

New York Edition pages (when present) include :

  • Bulova watch ad with men on metal skyscraper framework “107 stories on 3 floors.”
  • Digging down to lift the skyline (sunbather Dana Lezie on her balcony before new skyscraper blocks sun), building skyscrapers (Uris office building, Hilton hotel, Arthur Bunker and demolition on East 62nd St, CBS excavation on 6th avenue, MOMA excavation at 11 Wat 53rd St, IND express subway tunnel).
  • Giant billboard announcing the world premiere of Cleopatra.
  • Baseball player Ed Kranepool (Castle Hill Little League, New York Mets).
  • Oscar for Anne Bancroft.
  • British Artist Barry Fantoni paints Prince Philip in his royal underwear.
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