Life Magazine May 26, 1947 – Castle


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Life Magazine Cover : The castle of the Count of Flanders.

  • The life of Medieval man, 3rd in a series on the History of Western Culture.
  • Cute full page movie poster ad for “Honeymoon” with Shirley Temple.
  • Very nice two page Cory ad with coffee brewing equipment with color.
  • Nice full page color Dodge ad with blue car.
  • Famed architects unveil United Nations home.
  • US fleet tours the Middle east.
  • McFeely family is voted out of Hoboken, Irish, they were corrupt politicians and city employees.
  • Photo of Greek worker with amazingly patched pants and shirt.
  • Kids undress for opening of Coney Island, Settedecato children.
  • Close-up – Trial Lawyer, Lloyd Paul Stryker.
  • Pictorial essay – Las Vegas strikes it rich.
  • Modern Living – Whirling washer.
  • Corinne Calvay.
  • Fashion – Flying Ranch styles.
  • Radio – the story of Skeezix Bonzi.
  • Life goes to a globe-trotter party with Randolph and Peggy Christie in Los Angeles.
  • Full page color Chesterfield ad with Ted Williams and Stan Musial, baseball.
  • Pretty full page color Jantzen swimsuit ad.
  • Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with horse polo player Cecil Smith.
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