Life Magazine May 25, 1962 – Royal Wedding


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Life Magazine Cover : Prince Juan Carlos of Spain weds his princess Sophia.

  • In color – the royal wedding.
  • John Adams papers, part 3 – the problems of power.
  • Full page Maytag ad features the William Lennon family of Venice, California, and yes, it’s THOSE Lennon sisters.
  • “Lolita” becomes a movie by Stanley Kubrick amidst more hullabaloo, starring Sue Lyons, Peter Sellers, and Shelley Winters.
  • Thomas Hart Benton goes home to Neosho, Missouri and is overwhelmed by celebration.
  • Obituary with photos for artist Franz Kline.
  • Front seat story of a weird 3,000 mile auto race in wildest Africa, East African Safari, Marshall Smith, Vladimir Frizel, Bob Halmi, Harbans Singh, Pat Moss, Bernard Consten Tom Fjastad.
  • Close-up – Mr. Zoo, George Vierheller retires as director of the St. Louis Zoo.
  • Bacteria as the source of electricity.
  • A new generation of schoolboys with grown-up worries, the ultra pessimistic “Nego” (Yes, that IS spelled correctly).
  • Ray Bolger in “All-American.”
  • Two page color turtle wax ad.
  • Two page color ENCO ad with photo of Old Faithful erupting.
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