Life Magazine May 24, 1963 – Astronaut Cooper


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Life Magazine Cover : Gordon Cooper in space suit before his flight.

  • Cooper’s trip and Einstein’s theory, his flight heralds a fantastic era of shrinking time.
  • Full page Maytag washer ad features 35 women of Delta Delta Delta sorority at the State University of Iowa.
  • Tribulations of John Acoca, boy getting haircut.
  • Extremist violence in Birmingham, Alabama, James Baldwin speaks out.
  • New car gets something new under its hood, turbine engine in Chrysler car.
  • Hume Cronyn in The Miser, arts flourish in new theater in Minneapolis.
  • 16 pages of color photos of surfers in Hawaii, Rick Grigg, Jose Angel, Joe Kaohi, Greg Noll, Nick Beck.
  • James Baldwin talks about relationships between the races.
  • Stirling Moss makes predictions about Indianapolis 500 race.
  • Roland H. Baker at Michigan State University has do-it-yourself African elephant skeleton to assemble.
  • James Bond makes his movie debut, Sean Connery as 007.
  • JFK revamps White House rose garden.
  • Ballet team of Fonteyn and Nureyev are the hottest thing in show biz.
  • Two page color Ford ad with ten photos of small boy in space suit with bubble on his head explores the interior of the new car.
  • Extraordinarily cute photo of boy parking toy car between regular cars, Brian Noble.
  • A copy of this issue is now residing with a ♥ member of NASA’s EVA department!
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine May 24, 1963!
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