Life Magazine May 23, 1955 – Daddy Long Legs


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Life Magazine Cover : Leslie Caron in “Daddy Long Legs.”

  • Marriage on the Campus.
  • So, you want to hunt uranium : color photos, great article including Charlie Steen’s Mi Vida mine (see also July 25, 1955).
  • On TV, Miami watches two cops strike it rich, graft of Edward J. Carberry and James King.
  • A passenger photographs disastrous scene as packed ferryboat sinks in Japan’s Inland Sea.
  • Marriage stampede in India follows an astrologer’s prediction.
  • A dog-ridden Oklahoma mailman gets his job, and dogs, back.
  • Photo essay – The overpowering Dodgers, baseball.
  • Zippy, the performing chimpanzee.
  • Absolutely charming full page color Jell- instant pudding ad with little girl in red.
  • The fine art collection that Duncan Phillips moved out of his house to let the public see.
  • Bicycle built for five from Holland.
  • Oklahoma City children add their own zest to gymnastics, Shields Heights Grad School of Oklahoma.
  • Ancient Roman tunic is revived as a showy outer garment.
  • Full page color SOS scrubbing pads ad with golfing scene and Sam Snead endorsement for cleaning clubs.
  • Backyard atom bomb shelter at cost of $3,000.
  • Longest auto race that ever took place – 1908 New York to Paris via Japan etc. – Lots of photos.
  • Awesome full page color Jantzen swimming suit ad by Pete Hawley.
  • Very nice full page color Imperial whiskey ad by Richard Deane Taylor.
  • Nice feature article on the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, lots of photos.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine May 23, 1955!
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