Life Magazine May 22, 1939 – World’s Fair guide


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Cover : Barbara Wall, World’s Fair guide.

  • Jim Farley, Secretary of Commerce.
  • John L. Lewis – Unions.
  • Chicago granaries burn, affect price of wheat.
  • Young communist rally.
  • Earl Browder.
  • Trumpeter Swan saved by conservation program, Red Rock Lakes Montana, GREAT image of elk herd at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  • New American ship, “Glory of the Seas”.
  • Brazil – twelve page photo essay.
  • Philadelphia’s “Arsenic Murders,” insurance scam involving “impatient widows.”
  • New elastic top on ladies silk stockings.
  • Polynesian colors inspire new fashion prints.
  • Science goes fishing to learn about the marlin, Michael Lerner, American Museum of Natural History.
  • Cute Better Sight Lamps ad asks “Are you a member of the SFPOUWG?” (Society for the prevention of useless wedding gifts).
  • Half page ad for “Only Angles Have Wings” with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur.
  • Patty Berg – golf.
  • Latex balloons to pack frozen meat, they shrink wrap a model in Cryovac to demonstrate.
  • Laurette Taylor wins prizes for acting in “Outward bound.”
  • Private buyer, “lady in a blue hat,” pays $60,000 for first Raphael painting auctioned in the US.
  • LIFE goes to the Museum of Modern Art opening in New York.
  • Full page color Camel ad features test pilot John I. Wagner and a Vultee plane.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine May 22, 1939!
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