Life Magazine May 2, 1960 – Trampoliners


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(All Good, nice, but cover has some soil)

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Life Magazine Cover : Trampoliners in California, trampoline jumping.

  • Trampoline article includes photos of Bill Sorenson, Verna Werner, 78 year-old Shichizo Takeda, Raymond O’Connor, Kai Haber, Dar Robinson, Roger Muetzelfield, Janos Prohaska, Cherylee Buck (17 months old) and others.
  • De Gaulle visits the US.
  • After Korean rioting – a clamor for reform.
  • Union man Tom Dobson in Birmingham.
  • Latter day saints of Joseph Smith, LSD, Mormons.
  • Ad – two page color for Prince Matchabelli cologne.
  • Horse in sport photos by Mark Kauffman.
  • Groucho Marx in the Mikado.
  • Madonna tears in St. Paul’s church Hempstead.
  • School dropout rate on the rise, Part I.
  • Fashion – splashy prints are back at Covent Garden.
  • Burlesque and the Night they raided Minsky.
  • Charming full page color Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ad with elderly man eating at antique desk, style similar to Norman Rockwell.
  • Stunning Maidenform girdle ad – women aren’t really that shape, are they?!?
  • Interesting multi-exposure photo taken by Francis Miller of model Joey Holter walking across a dark room wearing lighted shoes, Samuels Shoe company – these work just like today’s light-up sneakers for kids.
  • Clamor for reform in Korea.
  • Chess game at University of California, played between two matching building with 64 windows each – using really BIG chess pieces.
  • Tom Dobson, welder at furnace plant in Birmingham, England, works in silence – no one will talk to him because he is a member of a different union, six weeks and counting – related to movie “Angry Silence.”
  • Cute full page photo of baseball catcher Denny Dellatorre and his dog Skippy.
  • Full page color Friskies dog food ad with bulldog in police helmet.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine May 2, 1960!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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