Life Magazine May 2, 1955 – Oklahoma!


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Life Magazine Cover : Dancers from “Oklahoma.”

  • How Red terror wrecked my university, by Lin Yutang.
  • Comparison for world’s highest waterfall.
  • Neat full page color Rambler ad with yellow stationwagon, showing how reclining seats can be used to make travel bed.
  • Fiesta fun and fire in Valencia.
  • Nice photo of runner Hideo Hamamura winning the Boston marathon as the Mayor “chases” him.
  • Wow, underwater surgery on Bat ray – they took a cornea from a wild bat ray for this – did they ask permission to blind the wild one in one eye?
  • Death of a genius, Einstein.
  • Oklahoma Baptists read through the entire scriptures in a 79 hour marathon.
  • Pastels show up strong in male wardrobes and around the house.
  • Camp Fire Girls of Wichita, Kansas, replace their city’s dying trees, including photo of Sue McCorkle and Marilyn Pendergraft, Donna Eubanks, more.
  • Old Madonna grows older : restorer uncovers a fifth century painting, one glued on top of another.
  • Mass polio inoculations begin as the nation says thanks to Dr. Salk.
  • The brewery family Busches of St. Louis, photo essay (Anheuser-Busch).
  • Beheading of Ahmed Thalaya in Yemen.
  • Colorful two page Hamm’s beer ad that actually makes the Midwest look gorgeous.
  • Kentucky Derby contenders in horse race (photo) Nashua and Summer Tan.
  • Hideo Hamamura wins Boston A.A. marathon.
  • Colorful full page Pyrex ware ad for mixing bowl set.
  • Odd two page Max Factor High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) makeup ad with television connection.
  • Full page color Blue Bell clothing ad with the handsome Buck Rutherford, rodeo cowboy.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine May 2, 1955!
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