Life Magazine May 18, 1959 – Jimmy Hoffa


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(All Good, but has small water mark in margin)
(Generally Good, but has minor cover soil)
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Life Magazine Cover : James R. Hoffa peering out the side window into the rear-view mirror of a truck in California.

  • James R. Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America, shows that he can handle a truck with the best of the union members.
  • Neat full page Imperial whiskey ad with two guys tying a fishing trip load on a pack mule.
  • Photo essay – How the West Was Won, Conclusion – A promised land finds fulfillment.
  • Very good and interesting photos of the Kentucky Derby horse race, some rarely seen angles.
  • Photo essay – The ageless story of Job’s ordeals is told in J.B., Archibald MacLeish’s Pulitzer-prize play.
  • Craziest photo from Central City, Colorado of a car nose down in a hole, the collapsed shaft of an old gold mine, driver Mrs. Lela Hagerman.
  • Photo essay – In three articles eminent theologians discuss J.B.
  • Education – China’s Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek’s grandchild as a coed – Amy Hsiao-chang Chiang quickly fits in as an undergraduate at Mills College in Oakland, California.
  • Nice, bright and happy two page ad for AMF Pinspotters, bowling.
  • Knowing Nose For a Narcissus – Children’s Nature Museum’s skunk, Stinky, smells a bloom at the Charlotte, North Carolina facility.
  • Cleveland Indians baseball.
  • Curious story about 100 balloons strung together to lift Dr. Audouin Dollfus to an altitude of 82,000 feet.
  • College boys canoe 218 miles from Dartmouth to Long Island Sound to keep up 200 year tradition, Rick Ellis, Peter Knight, Dan Daniels, others.
  • Pretty full page Milk Bone dog biscuits ad with a Dalmatian.
  • Nice full page Pepsi-Cola color ad.
  • Full page Ford Motor Company color ad for it’s ’59 Mercury convertible.
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