Life Magazine May 15, 1964 – Luci Johnson


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Life Magazine Cover : Luci Baines Johnson, teenager in the White House (she looks rather astoundingly like the infamous Monica Lewinsky!)

  • Upside down inside a tree hunting for owlets and got stuck – Jim Stokes.
  • Copper and Silver bring the prospectors back to Timmins, Ontario – billion dollar strike, lucky overnight millionaires: Kenneth Darke, Ned Bragagnolo, Don McKinnon.
  • Inside Hoffa’s savage kingdom, his scheme to kill Bob Kennedy and his children according Edward G. Partin, includes picture of lie detector test “confirming” Partin’s story.
  • Willie Mays’ remarkable streak, San Francisco baseball.
  • Wrong man in Jail – 24 years – Isidor Zimmerman.
  • Bathrooms get fancy with green Paisley toilets, pink marble tubs.
  • Article by Martin Luther King, Jr., “Why We Can’t Wait.”
  • Helena Rubinstein celebrates a 60th anniversary.
  • Tractor-driving monkey in Australia becomes a tax-deduction for his owner.
  • Bea Lillie and Tammy Grimes soar in “High Spirits”.
  • Cute full page ad for Nabisco Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, 19 little biscuits per serving will make you rocket with too much energy.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine May 15, 1964!
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