Life Magazine May 10, 1963 – Bay of Pigs


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Life Magazine Cover : Bay of Pigs, paintings by Sanford Kossin.

  • Cuba : Raw untold truth by men who fought there. Heartbreaking price they paid for US miscalculations.
  • Full page Maytag ad with wedding photo of Mrs. A.W. Bell of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in 1933.
  • Fly fisherman Peter Miller reveals some fiendish secrets of an accomplished trout-fooler.
  • Big flaps over birth control, new devices fan controversy, pill for men, IUD coils.
  • Catholic doctor John Rock of Boston is birth control proponent AND grandfather of 17.
  • Marlon Brando tries to improve US image abroad.
  • Mme Ernest Rouart, daughter of Berthe Morisot, recalls that all the great artists painted her and her mother: Renoir, Degas, Manet, Cassatt. Yes, Ernest is spelled correctly.
  • Equitation school at Full Cry Farm, Sydney Hoyle, Jane Boleyn, Shawn Boland.
  • Mary Ann Sears teaches tots to swim, includes student Tina Lang.
  • Very funny photo of Margaret Herzog on her wedding day with another person under her skirts.
  • Twin hippos born at St. Louis zoo.
  • Nice full page color Honda ad with Honda 50 motorcycle scooter in redwood forest.
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