Life Magazine March 9, 1959 – Jack Paar


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Life Magazine Cover : Gagster (Comedian) Jack Paar keeps US up night.

  • Full page color Kool cigarettes ad with art by Robert Levering (I think).
  • Neat photos of kids playing spinning disks called “Teeter-platters”, kids include Mark Liebl, Francis Arnold, Penny Liebl, others.
  • British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan visits Moscow and Nikita Khrushchev, the visit doesn’t go so well.
  • Neat full page color Simoniz vinyl floor wax ad with two boys playing cowboys with water pistols, art by Whitney Darrow Jr.
  • Two page color Revlon ad with thirteen colors of lipstick including plain white.
  • Racial violence – 300 whites in Collins Park, Delaware massed in front of the house of Negro George Rayfield who had just bought his house, police used dogs to break up the riot, shame on Collins Park.
  • GREAT full page color Buster Brown shoes ad with Easter art by Alex Ross.
  • The innards of the Vanguard II weather satellite.
  • Small photo of beagle dog who is nursing puppy and two leopard cubs.
  • The missile lag – How big? How bad? How fixable?
  • Full page color Pedwin shoes ad with baseball theme, shows catchers mask up close.
  • Hobgoblin hearths.
  • Full page pink Scott toilet tissue ad with couture by Count Sarmi.
  • Portrait Painting, varied styles.
  • Thirst in Oklahoma – governor parches state in test on repeal.
  • Harvard’s great library – photo essay.
  • Students invent soundless records for the jukebox.
  • Judo for juveniles, martial arts.
  • New York’s Maimonides Hospital, Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz and William McKinnon, test radio receivers that are an auxiliary heart on four dogs, this is probably a precursor to the heart pacemaker.
  • Artistic photos of pole vaulter Don Bragg and high jumper John Thomas.
  • Denver, Colorado secretaries turn tables on their employers, National Secretaries Association meeting at the Brown Palace Hotel.
  • Very nice full page color Post Grape Nuts ad with art by Dick Sargent.
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