Life Magazine March 3, 1961 – Astronauts


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Life Magazine Cover : Glenn, Grissom and Shepard, the first astronauts.

  • Feature article about the Redstone launch team, by Loudon Wainwright, photos by Ralph Morse.
  • Interesting two-page timeline of Russian and US space projects.
  • Great two page color photo of Jerry Lewis on the camera boom in front of lavish 3-story set for his movie “The Ladies’ Man.”
  • Two page color International Travelall ad, “family room on wheels.”
  • Full page color Ford Comet ad with skiers on slope illustration by B. Peak.
  • Debut of the S.S. Oriana, biggest passenger ship to sail the Pacific, Captain Clifford Edgecombe.
  • Homework – as families endure it, educators debate it, photo essay by Robert W Kelley, Robert and Mary Riesenmy family of St. Louis.
  • Spring Paris fashions photos by Mark Shaw.
  • Ingrid Bergman on TV and Movies.
  • Belgian led army props up Congo’s Katanga’s Tshombe.
  • De Gaulle stretches 180 feet tall in a Paris painting.
  • Making the tax mess worse.
  • Civil War, Part 5, Gaiety and dread on the home front, by Margaret Leech, Great photos of Civil War currency, sheet music covers, book pages, Valentines(!).
  • Computers outdo man at his work now – and soon may out think him, Dr. Everett Yowell, John M. Riley, Albert I. Schott, Gloria Kaiser, Eric Murphy at National Cash Register Data Processing Center in New York.
  • S.S. Oriana makes her maiden voyage.
  • Full page color Lucky Strike cigarettes ad with two skiers awaiting start of ski race.
  • Full page color Canadian Club whiskey ad with snorkeling and scuba diving scene with giant clam, George Leavens.
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