Life Magazine March 3, 1958 – Fair Lady


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Life Magazine Cover : Sally Ann Howes, Broadway’s new ‘Fair Lady’.

  • First ad I remember in LIFE for an oven door which lifts off for easy cleaning, full page color General electric ad.
  • Full page color real estate ad for Port Charlotte, Florida.
  • Double page color Early Times Whisky ad with 9 different drinks in special glasses, each with a recipe.
  • Curious photos of Michael Kidd directing.
  • Record busting winter of 1958, includes :
    • Photo of Army helicopter (landed) with food for stranded families near Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania,
    • Mary Murley and Bridesmaids on way to church in Boston in blizzard,
    • Pennsylvania farmboy with burst appendix on stretcher being carried to helicopter,
    • Barry Tucker (Ludlow, Vermont) leaping from his roof,
    • Kenny Tofferi leaping between snow banks,
    • Robert Wosnig (West Allis, Wisconsin) puzzling at icicle,
    • Ice covered warehouse in Atlanta after fire,
    • Death of Alvie Potts of Gurley, Alabama,
    • more.
  • Lovely two page Ford Ranchero ad with blue, white and gold truck.
  • Donald G. Farrell lives in a space chamber at the School of Aviation Medicine in San Antonio for 168 hours straight.
  • Full page Bell Telephone ad with Norman Rockwell-like art, but by Pete Hawley.
  • Murderer Nathan Leopold Jr. is granted parole from prison.
  • Eight American painters, the Ashcan School, Shinn, Henri, Lawson, Davies, Glackens, Luks, Prendergast, and Sloan.
  • English Speaking Peoples, Volume 4, part 2, by Sir Winston Churchill.
  • Biggest thing in town – Sharon Springs, Kansas likes basketball.
  • Funny photo, the which-way car.
  • Full page Lincoln ad with a green Lincoln Landau.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 3, 1958!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
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