Life Magazine March 28, 1960 – Candidates


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Life Magazine Cover : John F Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey, this feature article includes photo of Ted Kennedy making the first ski jump of his life at Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Nice photo of Andrew Wilking playing with some really interesting magnets.
  • Full page color White King detergent ad with art of a grubby little girl.
  • Spooky photos taken by Lillian Oetting show last minutes of life of Mildred Lindquist, Frances Murphy – all three were killed in Starved Rock state park near Riverside, Illinois.
  • Two page color ad for Ford Comet with deep purple car.
  • Photos pertaining to plane crash, Northwest Airlines bound for Florida, over Tell City, Indiana.
  • Town of Sasabe, Arizona for sale for $450,000.
  • College students work at a mental hospital – Stephanie Merton, Steven Siegel, Kitsy Bolster, Harlow Russell from Radcliffe.
  • The art of Russia – V.A. Serov, Dmitry Krassnopevstev, more.
  • The key-chain letters (initials) fad.
  • Why the Finch Jury disagreed by Davis Thomas.
  • Full page color Parke-Davis medical with art by Robert Thom.
  • Follow-up to civil rights story in LIFE March 14, 1960 – the family of Robert Jones is beaten in Birmingham, Alabama, shame on the whites who did it.
  • Ad – full page color for the Studebaker Champ.
  • Drinkable Polio vaccine in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • “The wind in the willows” read by Julie Harris and Steve Robling on TV.
  • Full page Bantron smoking deterrent tablets ad with golfer Sam Snead.
  • Sports car owners are snobs, by Bayard Hooper.
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