Life Magazine March 28, 1955 – Hawaiian Volcano


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Life Magazine Cover : Flaming lava licks at Palm Trees, apocalyptic looking shot.

  • Great photos of Hawaii volcano eruption including some really dangerous looking photos of scientist Gordon Macdonald’s family standing well within the danger zone.
  • Two page Frozen Campbell’s Soup ad featuring a snowman.
  • Charming piece on how weather men (or women, as this case may be) can jazz up the weather report.
  • Blackboard Jungle movie with Sidney Poitier and Vic Morrow.
  • Full page color Post Toasties ad featuring sweater boy.
  • Runners at the Pan-American Games, include Alexis Bloem, Edgar Freire, Wanda Dos Santos, Cynthia Mills – apparently high altitude caused lots of problems.
  • Charles Wilson Peale founds first Museum in 1805 – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Dave Columbia – 18 year old tries out for Giants baseball team.
  • Thomas Cook and Sons company runs tours into Nepal to the “Royal Hotel.”
  • Full page color Cadillac ad featuring caddy dealers.
  • General Raymond S McLain gives plan for US defense.
  • Full page color Swan jewelry ad featuring 30 cuff links.
  • Back page Coca Cola ad featuring happy trio, woman in exotic pink satin outfit.
  • A school for elephants, Trainer Floyd Smith.
  • Photo of little warbler feeding huge cuckoo chick.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 28, 1955!
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