Life Magazine March 24, 1958 – Schoolboys


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Life Magazine Cover : Alexei Kutzkov of Moscow and Stephen Lapekas of Chicago are 16-year-old schoolboys a world apart.

  • Oh-la-la full page Maidenform Bra ad, wowie!
  • Neat photo of a car that really does have two front ends, belongs to a Brooklyn auto repair shop.
  • Charles Eames creates a bunch of whirligigs that are precursors to solar-powered machine.
  • A new crisis in education, part 1.
  • Photo of Jesse Horelica crashing his motorcycle during a race.
  • Banishment of a lovely queen – Soraya of Iraq, she is divorced by Shah because she hasn’t yet had any children.
  • An unarmed atomic bomb is accidentally dropped near Mars Bluff, South Carolina, Walter and Ethel Gregg’s home in destroyed.
  • Another neat full page color Sabena Belgian World Airlines ad with airplanes and helicopter.
  • Photo essay – Exciting commotion off-Broadway.
  • A monstrous mistake 59 years ago, Mayo Buckner was wrongly admitted to a mental institution (Lenox and Glenwood, Iowa).
  • Close-up: George Romney of American Motors succeeds in long-shot gamble on short cars with better gas mileage.
  • Sculptor Louise Nevelson and her Moon Garden.
  • The Kentucky Derby horse race, Wilky Sullivan, owners Tom Ross and Phil Klipstein.
  • Full page color Post Raisin Bran cereal ad with art by Dick Sargent.
  • Neat photo of a black cat below a grate.
  • Two page Ford color ad with many of the new Fords.
  • Nice full page Coca-Cola color ad.
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