Life Magazine March 23, 1959 – Spy


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Life Magazine Cover : Four different identity cards, all owned by one man.

  • The identity cards help document the many lives led by Soviet Intelligence Agent Deriabin, alias Korobov, alias Smirnov.
  • Great full page color Post Toasties Corn Flakes cereal ad with art by the great Dick Sargent.
  • Great photos of paralyzed baseball player Roy Campanella having great fun watching a game and participating in his way.
  • The Aga Khan is carried to his final resting place in Egypt.
  • Photo essay – Hawaii – beauty, wealth, amiable people.
  • Statehood for Hawaii has finally been OK’d, now they need to jump through some red tape hoops.
  • The big riders on the Farm Program gravy train, farm subsidies.
  • Adventure – Relic of “Tempest” – a famous ship of discovery is found off the coast of Bermuda.
  • Oil revolt in Iraq brings the Nasser and Kassem disagreement into the public eye.
  • Great full page color Ford ad with Country Squire station wagon and fire engine.
  • A close call in a booth – Movie stuntman, Chester Hayes makes telephone call while on stilts.
  • Feature on the Altar Boy, includes Michael Claney, Stephen Kersten, Lyle Churchill, Paul Otis, Gray Hoyt, David Whitmore, and others.
  • Nice full page Studebaker-Packard Corporation color ad with a ’59 blue 2-door Lark sedan.
  • Mass blind date at the Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana.
  • Full page color Kraft jelly ad with bucket of apples being washed under a pump.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 23, 1959!
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