Life Magazine March 21, 1949 – New Wardrobe


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(All Good, but has minor cover wear)

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Life Magazine Cover : Wardrobe for Madeline Balcar, five pages of photos.

  • Nice full page color Hoover vacuum cleaner ad.
  • Nice full page color Ford ad with green car.
  • Filibuster in the senate.
  • Full page Listerine ad with art by Jack Keay (takes some looking to figure out what the ad is for!).
  • Dancer Ray Bolger gets knocked down by accident by the boxers Ray Robinson and Sidney Miller.
  • Cute full page Sanforized fabrics ad “Ben Hur(ts) with art by Gregori.
  • Lucky Lieutenant Glenn Davis is greeted by Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Woman mayor cleans up Portland, Oregon, Dorothy Lee.
  • Lucky Luciano has a Roman holiday.
  • The war memoirs of Winston Churchill, Vol. 2, part 7.
  • The strange state of the market.
  • Photo essay – the happy life of a Cuban correspondent, Henry Wallace.
  • David O. Selznick takes time out.
  • White and Negro schools in West Memphis, the town’s only school for negroes burned (ten rooms for 1,000 students) – as you can guess, this led to a comparison between the schools for white and black students there, ridiculous differences.
  • Rudy Vallee’s comeback.
  • A new giant appears on man’s family tree, Paleontologist Robert Broom and the Swartkrans man.
  • Neat full page color Johnson & Johnson ad with art by G.R.D.
  • Long-lost bird, Notornis.
  • The chicken of tomorrow, breeding for faster growing, plumper birds.
  • Full page color United Stated Brewers Foundation beer ad with “Television Party” art by Douglass Crockwell, different signature, # 27 in “Home Life in America” series.
  • Religion – the Shakers.
  • Cute full page color Arrow White Shirts ad by Cody Whitman.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 21, 1949!
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