Life Magazine March 20, 1950 – Young Artists


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Life Magazine Cover : Edward John Stevens, Jr., young American artist.

  • Nineteen young American artists : 10 pages in color, Franklin Boggs, Aleta Cornelius, Eldzier Cortor, Frank Duncan Jr., Hazard Durfee, Stephen Greene, Edward Melcarth, Siegfried Reinhardt, Howard Warshaw, Hubert Raczka, Edward Stevens, Alton Pickens, Hedda Sterne, Theodoros Stamos, Bernard Perlin, Honore Sharrer, Kenneth Nack, Joseph Lasker, Dean Ellis.
  • Nice full page color Studebaker ad with yellow car and jet plane.
  • Really curious full page color General Electric dish washer ad with round washer.
  • Excellent full page color DeSoto ad with blue car.
  • Very nice two page color Naturalizer shoes ad.
  • US building boom hits new peak.
  • VIPs watch maneuvers on Vieques.
  • Omaha has a big blow, wind storm.
  • Golf’s golden Dave, Alice and Marlene Bauer.
  • Sports – mayhem in the mud, an Army game called Battledown at Camp Hood, Texas.
  • Buddhist from Brooklyn, Buckalew, Jinaloka.
  • Science – biggest betatron.
  • Charming little piece about cartoonist Al Capp and kneecaps.
  • Life makes the rounds with a small town society editor, Leltie Faucett of Abilene, includes Mrs. Rupert Harkrider, Mrs. W.P. Ballard, Mrs. Whetsel, Rita and Paul Bailey and others.
  • The black angel, Carola Mueller.
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