Life Magazine March 19, 1945 – Dutch Girl


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Life Magazine Cover : Maria Huysman models Dutch fashions.

  • Germans crumble in the west.
  • The people of Cologne are living and working underground in cellars.
  • Delegates attend Mexican Presidential Reception.
  • New York law bans job Discrimination.
  • US fliers bomb Berchtesgaden and Tokyo, aerial photo each.
  • Betty Grable’s baby Victoria Elizabeth James is 1.
  • Brazilian Indians attack planes.
  • Ibn Saud’s Voyage, Saudi Arabia by Ensign W. Barry McCarthy.
  • Earl of Halifax by John Chamberlain.
  • West Point has best teams in the US, military athletes.
  • Interesting two page color Goodyear aircraft ad with man hailing a taxi helicopter.
  • Flooded Dutch Island, Walcheren, including Huysman family.
  • Hache makes surplus WAC hats chic.
  • Artist Feliks Topolski sketches the war.
  • Movie – Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • Solider cartoonist draws WAC heroine, Winnie the WAC by Vic Herman.
  • Military ball for ROTC cadets at Kansas City’s Southwest High School, including photos of Joanne Warren, William Story, Bill Meier, Janet Coulter, Bob Arfsten, Janice Kollmann, Louis Fiquet, Jane Begley, Bob Terte, Suznne Ginsberg, Jo Putney, Jerry Kreeger, Corinne Keegan, Jerry Henry, more.
  • Nice full page Camel cigarettes ad with ice skater Donna Atwood.
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