Life Magazine March 18, 1966 – Barbra Streisand


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Life Magazine Cover : Barbra Streisand with her dog – the fear-ridden 23-year-old girl behind the star.

  • Full page color deBeers diamond ad features painting by Lucien Fontanarosa.
  • Air crash on Fujiyama, pictures of the crash as it unfolded.
  • Blizzard-blanketed train – Northern Pacific’s Mainstreeter COVERED by drifting snow near New Salem, North Dakota.
  • Romans – Part 3 – Julius Caesar, drawings by Arthur Lidow.
  • Kissing disease – mononucleosis.
  • Richard and Mildred Loving fight miscegenation law against interracial marriage in Virginia.
  • Charles and George – Idiot Savant twins.
  • Game wardens in New Mexico tackle elk from a chopper to tag them.
  • Wilma Soss – stockholder with a mission.
  • Half page color Lady Esquire Instant Shoe Coloring ad, paint your leather shoes in all the latest colors.
  • Cute full page color Honda motor bike ad in red, with two young marching band members speeding past the band.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 18, 1966!
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