Life Magazine March 15, 1963 – Castro


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Life Magazine Cover : Fidel Castro in black and white.

  • Inside Castro’s Cuba with photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson. 
  • Ad – full page for 1963 pickups.
  • African Students hear “Cherni Maimuni” and they leave Communist school, by Jordan Bonfante.
  • Ad – Full page for Wyler’s American Soups.
  • The families of four US pilots who died in the Bay of Pigs invasion, Pete Ray, Wade Gray, Riley Shamburger, Albert Persons.
  • Photos of the inside of a cave formed by an underground atomic test.
  • How to use atomic blasts to clear the Panama Canal.
  • Cathy Clark sets out to be a nun, many striking black and white photos of the lives of nuns, by Grey Villet.
  • Learning to do crewel embroidery.
  • LSD testing – The chemical mind changers, Barbara Dunlap, Dr. B.F. Skinner.
  • Full page color Carnation Cottage Cheese ad, happy vegetables.
  • Playgrounds with a space age spin.
  • A gay blade on K.P., an ice skater slices a potato – Dawn Scott and Desmond Scott, the humorous part of this is that the potato is already cut in half (you can see it in the photo), Desmond only needs to hit it and it falls in two pieces.
  • Full page Maytag features tenth move in 11 years for Mr. and Mrs. Hults of, well, everywhere… including Kodiak, Alaska and Memphis, Tennessee.
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