Life Magazine March 14, 1960 – Princess Margaret


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Fair (All Good, but has minor cover marks)

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Life Magazine Cover : Princess Margaret and Photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones at Windsor Lodge.

  • Pretty full page Pepsi-Cola ad with horse stable theme and dalmatian dog.
  • Unusual full page color Hanes stockings ad with cat art by Bobri.
  • Two page photo of a Hawaiian cliff (a HOLY COW photo) with trapped rock climber Roy W. Kocurek, he was climbing with Burr Osbonlighter – we got to hear from ♥ ♥ Ozzie ♥ ♥, a treat.
  • Siege on civil rights, Southern Negros stage orderly sit-downs.
  • In a special report, Harry Golden tells why Negroes may win the battle, this is a civil rights story.
  • Earthquake in Agadir, Morocco.
  • Aerial photo of Santa Fe Chief train crash near Bakersfield California, it hit an oil truck at a crossing.
  • Photo of the explosion in Cuba that wrecked the French freighter ship La Coubre.
  • Interesting two page Vokswagen bug car ad with x-ray type view of the car.
  • Dental study in Alabama.
  • Photo essay – Margaret and Tony.
  • Photo essay – James Thurber, humorist.
  • Quest of Robert Jones for buried gold in Arizona.
  • Ohrbach’s copies latest designs for high style fashion at low cost.
  • Feature on mums, the flower.
  • Movie – Can-can, color photos.
  • Full page color Foremost Cottage Cheese ad with neat art.
  • Sergeant Elvis comes back home to the girls he left behind.
  • Amish youngsters caught in conflict between parent’ stern ways and modern life.
  • The honeymoon of Ingrid Bergman’s daughter, Jennie Ann Lindstrom, Fuller Callaway.
  • Artificial muscle helps paralysis victims, Diane Hiruko, Karan McKibben.
  • Nice full page color Chrysler ad with blue car and circus.
  • Photo of contortionist Francis Duggan testing H.I.S. Sportswear pants.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 14, 1960!
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