Life Magazine March 14, 1938 – NBC Studio



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Cover : Jane Froman in NBC studio.

  • Full page color doughnuts ad, five lively ways to serve them.
  • Two pages of images from Austrian defense ministry publication about what to do when enemy bombers attack you.
  • LIFE goes to Mardi Gras, 5 pages of photos.
  • Los Angeles county flood – cool photos.
  • Five-suit bridge is new national card fad.
  • LIFE photographer outsmarts bad-tempered gorilla to get picture of Gargantua the Great.
  • Veronica Steen is world’s high-kicking champion, her legs are insured by Lloyd’s of London for 10,000 pounds.”
  • Aaron Slick from “Punkin Crick” rural comedy delights Mikado, Michigan residents.
  • Revolutionary Mexican art show tours the US, GREAT photo of Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo, color images by Rivera, Romero, Montenegro, Ruiz, Castellanos, Galvan.
  • Macy’s imports Mexican craftware.
  • Deanna Durbin tours New York with Eddie Cantor.
  • How to start a fascist movement, Belgium.
  • Full page color Camels ad features stunt girl Ione Reed.
  • Adorable full page color Four Roses whisky ad with 5 puppies “worth $1,000.”
  • Gandhi at the Indian congress.
  • Giant green sea turtles at the cannery.
  • Shadow of Insanity, Pilgrim State Hospital in Brentwood, New York, anonymous portraits of patients.
  • Photo essay, Jamaica.
  • Back cover color Coca-Cola ad with women at soda counter, drinking Coke to refresh before more shopping.
  • And much more NEAT stuff in this classic Life Magazine March 14, 1938!
  • Vintage magazines are fun from cover to cover!
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