Life Magazine March 13, 1964 – World War One


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Life Magazine Cover : British wounded on the Western Front, May 1917.

  • Part 1 of a new series, the First World War, WWI, many dramatic photos and paintings, striking image of British troops lined up the banks of the St. Quentin Canal to hear praises from their general.
  • The strange case of Strangelove by Loudon Wainwright.
  • How they nailed Jimmy Hoffa, special unit chief Walter Sheridan.
  • Spectacular new airplane, the A-11, world’s fastest, highest-flying jet created by Kelly Johnson.
  • Thomas French and his 18 month old son attempt suicide, but Margaret Clelland saves son – father later saved, London.
  • Homage and hate for the film “The Deputy.”
  • Miles of glass thread build a booster rocket.
  • Mary Costa, singer, from TV jingles to a debut at the Met.
  • Emmanuelle Khanh, fashion designer.
  • Henrietta Miller, great history teacher at Chicago’s Senn High School.
  • Bold film about Becket, by Richard Burton.
  • Funny photo of barber Charles Vitello cutting the hair on a wax dummy.
  • Nice full page color ad for Genesee beer with ski lift.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine March 13, 1964!
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