Life Magazine March 10, 1961 – Maurice & Bing


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Life Magazine Cover : Maurice Chevalier and Bing Crosby, two old pros.

  • Anguish of men without work, most photos taken around Johnstown, Pennsylvania – John Spaid, Steve Alexander, Jonathan Kimback.
  • “Jack jumping” at Big Bromley Mountain in Manchester, Vermont, lift operators leave work on boards attached as seats to sawed-off skis, Earl Jones.
  • Nice two page Chevy Corvair ad with car in a snowstorm on a back road, rally racing theme.
  • Photo essay – microelectronics.
  • Photo essay – horsey hideaway for Kennedys’ – Glen Ora.
  • The US and the United Nations.
  • Patterson and Johansson prepare for the big fight in Miami, boxing.
  • Golden glow for the home, far-out photo of woman in gold lame against still life of gilt home furnishings.
  • Metropolitan Museum’s Etruscan treasures turn out to be fakes, forger Fioravanti.
  • Rhododendrons, four pages of color photos of lavish plants.
  • Zebra “Ribbons” is a cow pony.
  • Pee Wee Hockey, Michael Mitchell, Jim Keech of Ottawa and Richard Boyer, Philip Beaney, and Mark Amis of Lake Placid.
  • Crosby and Chevalier combine talents for TV special.
  • Angela Lansbury and Joan Plowright in “A Taste of Honey.”
  • Party in 30 room castle in Tennessee, Paul Telthorster family.
  • Full page Volkswagen ad with four Beetles stacked on each other to demonstrate four coats of paint.
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