Life Magazine June 9, 1972 – Representative Abzug


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Life Magazine Cover : Bella Abzug fights to stay in Congress.

  • Women in Politics – How are they doing? Where are they going?
  • Debating the issues of 1972 : McGovern vs. Kleindienst on crime.
  • Neat two page Allstate insurance ad showing the reliability of air bags, which must be new at this time.
  • Success at the Moscow summit.
  • Policeman Glenn Falk has cut crime and violence by being a confidant and counselor to students in Coral Gables, Florida.
  • Two page color Frigidaire large appliances ad with everything in rich deep red, Poppy, plus two more pages of ad showing all the colors.
  • Old pictures of Czar Nicholas, Anastasia and the rest of the family.
  • Percy Knauth recounts 12 months of fighting mental depression.
  • Neat two page color Marlboro cigarettes ad with cattle drive.
  • Vendredi 13, largest one-man sailing ship in the world sailed by Jean-Yves Terlain.
  • Photos and clips from 1947, 25 years ago in LIFE.
  • Two page Goodyear tires ad with Mark Donohue, winner of the Indianapolis 500 car race.
  • Kirkland College has new style graduation, includes Pat Chance, Debbie Benson, Nancy-Gay Bargar, Elyn Cheney, Elaine Condouris, Connie Stellas, Sandra Faison, Peter Ostuni, others.
  • Crusading reporter Geraldo Rivera.
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