Life Magazine June 8, 1959 – Audrey Hepburn


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(All Good, but has some very mild water marking)

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Life Magazine Cover : On location in the Belgian Congo, Audrey Hepburn plays the part of a Belgian nun for a fine new film, The Nun’s Story.

  • COOL full page Maindenform Bra ad with model swinging on crane hook high over a city.
  • Full page Caliente race course ad (in Mexico) with Jockey Willie Shoemaker, horse racing.
  • Lots of photos of brides kissing grooms (all taken in the Baltimore photo studio of Paul Jordan), including Arthur O’Shea, Frederick Altman, Michael Dunworth, Ralph Gibson, Walter Farrier, Francis Reese, others.
  • In Arkansas, a revolt by the good folks (good job!) against the firing of moderate school teachers by the segregationists.
  • John Foster Dulles dies.
  • Another great full page color Jell-o ad with art by Whitney DArrow Jr.
  • Very cute photo of four little models, Michael March, Loretta Frawley, Deborah McAllister, Laurie Ernest.
  • Rather humorous article about father pursuing his eloping daughter, Katharine Dowsett, Harry Dowsett, Edward Langley.
  • Photo essay – Glories of the Mountains West – a LIFE trip through the National Parks and many sites of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado’s Rockies.
  • Bubble in the Ballroom – Susie Spear of La Porte, Indiana, is blowing bubbles while dancing.
  • Full page Ford Motors color ad for the imported Escort 5-passenger station wagon.
  • Beautiful and colorful Glass Container Manufacturers ad with bottles of beverage in ice bucket.
  • Another cool full page color Jantzen swimsuit ad.
  • Plastic bags cause death of infants.
  • Baseball Pitcher Harvey Haddix.
  • Article about the Indianapolis 500 car race and how dangerous it is, map shows where fatal crashes occurred, photos and names of drivers who died, close-up of this year’s crash of Mike Magill, visit with last year’s widow, Analice O’Connor.
  • Full page Ford Motors color ad shows off the new blue Continental Mark IV.
  • NOTE : May or may not have the little central insert “The history of the American flag” that is part of a Texaco ad and counts as pages 71-86 – ask if you need it.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine June 8, 1959!
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