Life Magazine June 5, 1964 – Nehru Cremation


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Life Magazine Cover : Cremation of Nehru, color photos of ceremony and lighting of the pyre.

  • New Horatio Alger series reviewed.
  • Full page color kool-Aid ad for new pre-sweetened flavors.
  • Mystery on ship of fear – freighter Pomona sits in Honolulu with captain Natvig axed to death and murderer aboard.
  • Lord Beaverbrook turns 85.
  • Setting for the Michelangelo’s Pieta causes fuss at the Fair.
  • Sir Alec Guinness.
  • World War I, WWI, Part 6 – grizzly leftovers and live munitions, the Scarred Face of Verdun.
  • Sidewalk surfers – surfboards on wheels – skateboarding begins! –  Tommy and Ricky Ryan, Squeak Blanck and Kerry Spencer of California.
  • Italian actress Verna Lisi makes a name in Hollywood.
  • Fight over Phonics – Magnolia, California riled up over how reading is taught.
  • French mountaineers climb the Eiffel tower.
  • Gemini’s astronauts selected, their stories, Gus Grisson, John Young.
  • Full page black and red Band-Aid ad, child’s fist holding toy soldier against bandaged thumb.
  • Full page Maytag ad features Harold Bodell family of Roseville, Michigan.
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