Life Magazine June 15, 1959 – Astro-monkeys


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Life Magazine Cover : Space traveling monkeys – At National Aeronautics Administration headquarters in Washington, space travelers Able and Baker face the camera.

  • The rhesus monkey Able died after flight from a complication from anesthetic, Dr. Thomas R.A. Davis even tried artificial resuscitation to save her, no luck.
  • More studies toward having a man in space.
  • Governor Earl K. Long of Louisiana really does crack up, goes to psychiatrist.
  • Very pretty two page color Revlon ad for Pink’issimo, in Venice.
  • Humorous photo of lots of very long-haired women with nearly bald photographer, includes Mary Parkhurst of Dallas.
  • Photo essay – A great American family – the Evans of Denver – descendants of notable Colorado pioneer, Doctor John Evans, who was appointed as governor of Colorado territory in 1862.
  • Cool two page color Eastman Kodak ad with 7 different cameras and projectors.
  • Full page color Smirnoff Vodka ad with Eva Gabor.
  • Strange new sailboat named “Go” built by Lowell Christman.
  • The folk opera “Porgy and Bess.”
  • Close-up – Bonn’s busy storm center, West Germany’s Economics Minister Ludwig Erhard, finds himself in hassle with Adenauer.
  • Great series of photos of babies (human and animal) and their responses to crawling over a suspended sheet of glass.
  • Stick-on jewelry.
  • Hey! Which Way to the Finish? – Dick Shenden and Harrison Baker pass each other going in different directions during a 480-yard shuttle hurdle race.
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