Life Magazine June 1, 1992 – American Family


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Life Magazine Cover : Montage of family photos.

  • Special issue : Getting to the Heart of the American Family, a photographic exploration of our most intimate experience.
  • Table of contents has excellent two page black and white vintage photo of young couple and their baby, but I cannot find a name for them.
  • Other photos in this issue include :
    • The Smith family in Detroit, Michigan 1954.
    • Devore father and baby in Aspen, Colorado 1988,
    • The Robinson family (at least some Native Americans) in Lawrence, Kansas 1895.
    • Nixon mother and children in Cambridge, Massachusetts 1990.
    • The Templin family in Birmingham, Alabama 1956.
    • The Blakeys in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1991.
    • Several “Friends and Family” MCI two page ads with photos of people, all 6 shown on back cover.
    • The Freeman family about 1951, Judith Freeman and her book “The Chinchilla Farm.”
    • Thulani Davis and her ancestors, long story with lots of photos.
    • Lisa Grunwald and Family talk.
    • Nat King Cole and his children.
    • Marlee, Eric and Marc Matlin.
    • Alan and Nathan Dershowitz.
    • Joe, Charlie and Ted Korsmo.
    • Mike, Tom and Bill Brokaw.
    • Mack, Cleve and Carl Lewis.
  • Fixing a hoarder’s house, Chuck and Rivka Raffels, Stephanie Schur.
  • Wallace Stegner as a child (author of the excellent book “Angle of Repose”).
  • Marcy and Aubrey Powell, in custody troubles with their divorced parents, long piece with lots of photos.
  • Vincent Givhan is a home builder, Nesee and Dwayne Wilson and siblings, Lisa Sturgiss, Eulah Ausborne, Angela Olivera, long piece.
  • Jim and Fay Strassburger family in Westchester, California, long piece, Grandparents as parents.
  • Marilyn Johnson tells about the death of her brother David.
  • Bowler Carmine Stanco and his family, other bowlers with kids, long piece.
  • Jenny Hunger goes away to college.
  • Art Rogers takes photos of his neighbors, Connie and Amy, The Minor family, Dani and Justin and Jeremiah, Shannon, The Murphys, the Poncias, Aaron.
  • And much more NEAT content in this classic Life Magazine June 1, 1992!
  • Antique magazines are packed with entertainment from cover to cover!
  • Check out other vintage LIFE magazines and let the fun continue.